Age of Ascension

Healing From Grief and Loss

Healing from Grief and Loss A free teleclass and healing program. In this class, you learn about the grieving process, some tips to help you and your animals... 

The Mysterious Case of the Bread and Butter Pickles.

© Nedda Wittels, April 2021. There used to be a local health food store where I would buy delicious sweet and sour pickles.  The brand is one you might... 

Discovering Your Inner Courage

Do you have the Courage of a lion?* What does it take to be courageous? Stop for a moment, and consider: What would you say was the most courageous act... 

Are you living in “Scare City?” Would you like to know how to move out?

Scare City is the name I give the state of Consciousness in which we create scarcity for ourselves and others who choose to experience it. It isn’t... 

The Higher Purpose of the Lockdown? Spiritual Awakening!

* Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash * “I’m afraid of Death,” said my adult niece. I don’t know why this surprised me, but it did. ... 

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Animals and Nature Kingdoms

Melissa Returns: Saving a Traumatized Kitten

  Overcoming Trauma and Grief at 10 Weeks Old by Nedda Wittels Copyright © 2022 Melissa’s safe space. Melissa arrived at my house around 11... 

Melissa Returns: A Difficult Beginning

  A New Body.  A New Life Plan. by Nedda Wittels Copyright © 2022 Melissa 9 weeks old. Photo by Indian Spring Cattery, VA. I expected to wait for... 

Starlight on Her Own.

  Transitioning From Many Cats to Just One. Copyright © Nedda Wittels, 2022 As written by Starlight and Nedda. Nedda: I started writing this post,... 

Melissa: A Challenging Life

  Clearing Multiple Lifetimes of Karma in a Single Life Copywrite © Nedda Wittels, 2022 Melissa came into my current life in the fall of 2015. She... 

Help an Injured Wild Animal with Animal Communication, Flower Essences, and More.

  Helping a wild animal who is injured may be a daunting task, especially when you’re not sure what to do. I once had some roofers at my home... 

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Energy Healing Systems

Healing From Grief and Loss

Healing from Grief and Loss A free teleclass and healing program. In this class, you learn about the grieving process, some tips to help you and your animals through it, and then experience one way of quickly releasing emotional block that might be holding you back from moving through that process. Please complete this 1-minute survey after you watch... [Read more of this post]

Six Easy Steps to Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Replacing Them with Positive Ones

  Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay © Nedda Wittels, 2020. How do you experience your thoughts? Are they flowing and easy and comforting? Are they uplifting, expansive, and energizing? Do you find yourself trapped in repetitive, dark, and disquieting thought patterns? Do you want to believe that things can change, but you can’t seem... [Read more of this post]

Helping Your Animals Through Challenging Times

If you’re feeling stressed, your animals are also feeling stressed. And even if you’re perfectly calm with no fear or anxiety about the rapidly changing world we live in, your animals are feeling the general stress of humans around them, both inside and outside your home. How do I know this is likely to be the case? For one thing, my own... [Read more of this post]

Can animals experience ongoing symptoms of trauma and stress? Yes! And Animal Communication and Energy Healing can help!

Animals can help humans who experience trauma, and we can help animals who experience trauma. Today, many rescued animals experience symptoms similar to post traumatic stress. They need help to heal before they can integrate into your family. Animal Communication and Energy Healing are two powerful tools to assist them. Why do so many animals experience... [Read more of this post]

How does ENERGY HEALING help you feel better, relieve pain, and assist humans and animals to heal? This ancient technique of healing has amazing benefits.

We all live in overlapping fields of energies.  These fields includes your physical body, your auric field (which consists of 6 additional bodies), electromagnetic fields that emanate from your organs and other body parts, and the energies of everyone and everything around us, including the earth. Since everything is energy, including your consciousness,... [Read more of this post]

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